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Rosa announces new partnership with BAPS Charities

Rosa is delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with BAPS Charities , a global organisation supporting individuals, families and communities through community empowerment, educational services, environmental protection & preservation, health & wellness, and humanitarian relief.

Rosa's Executive Director Samantha Rennie addressing the crowd before the 10K Challenge begins

The partnership developed through a shared belief in the need to celebrate and support the progress, achievements and rights of women in the UK, with Rosa’s four pillars for achieving this aligning closely with BAPS’ aims, announced as part of International Women’s Day 2015.

On Sunday 12th April, BAPS Charities organised their Annual 10K Challenge in support of both Rosa and the British Heart Foundation. The event took place in multiple locations around the UK, with over 3,500 taking part!

Samantha Rennie from Rosa and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon cut the rope to begin the 10K Challenge!

Rosa’s Executive Director Samantha Rennie:

“We’re delighted with the support this event has provided for our work. We’re also very pleased to mark a new partnership with BAPS which will help raise more funds for vital work and help spread the message that investing in women makes a big difference to the whole community.”