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Fawcett Society demands life raft for women

In November 2011, Fawcett published their Life raft for women’s equality – a set of demands for government to address some of the harmful effects of austerity measures that are turning back time on women’s equality.

Budget cuts hit women (and especially single mothers) in three key ways: loss of paid work, cuts to the benefits and services that help support their families, and having to ‘fill the gaps’ as state services are withdrawn.

Women have not faced a greater threat to their financial security and rights in living memory. Decades of steady, albeit slow, progress on equality is being dismantled, as cuts to women’s jobs and the benefits and services they rely on, turn back time on women’s equality.

Anna Bird, Fawcett Society

Rosa recently made a grant of £45,000 to Fawcett and the Women’s Budget Group, to develop their research and campaigning on this subject – more details here

You can read Fawcett’s press release here and sign their petition here.

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