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The second round of Rosa’s Woman to Woman fund is now open. With grants of up to £25,000, no fewer than 100 local grassroots women’s organisations across the UK will be supported using funds from the ‘Tampon Tax.’ 

Grants are available for groups with an income of under £100,000 per year, to support a wide range of charitable work that benefits women: from building confidence and leadership skills, tackling harassment and violence, to training in financial literacy and increasing engagement in decision-making – and much more besides. Rosa is particularly interested in funding work that increases impact and sustainability. Therefore grants can pay for core costs such as staff salaries, office rent and staff training; as well as project costs such as drop-in support services, mobilising volunteers and outreach.

Rosa especially wants to support groups that work with disadvantaged communities or in disadvantaged areas.

As well as grants, Rosa will provide additional support that women’s groups tell us they need, including mentoring, training and networking opportunities.

Who can apply?

If you meet the following requirements you can apply for a grant:

  • You are a women’s sector organisation
  • You are a charitable organisation – your organisation need not be a registered charity, but your activities must be charitable and legal
  • You are a local organisation, which is not part of a national enterprise
  • You have an annual income less than £100k or you employ less than two full-time paid members of staff
  • You have a written governing document, such as a constitution or set of rules
  • You have a governing body with at least 3 unrelated members
  • You have a UK-based bank or building society account in the name of your organisation, with at least two unrelated signatories

What size grants are available?

Grants of between £5,000 and up to and including £25,000 are available. Any grant awarded must be spent within 12 months of receipt.

How will organisations be shortlisted?

Applicants will be shortlisted according to the fund criteria, the clarity and credibility of their plans, and to ensure a diversity of applications including across geography, Rosa’s four pillars, new and innovative or tried and tested approaches.

When to apply 

Round 2 of the Woman to Woman fund opens for applications on Monday 5th June at midday. There are two stages to submitting an application to the Woman to Woman fund. To apply for a grant you will first need to complete the stage 1 application. The deadline for stage 1 applications is Thursday 6th July at 5pm and no applications will be accepted after this date.

Application Process

Application process



Please read the application guidance and the FAQs before you apply. If you have an enquiry that is not covered in our guidance materials and FAQs you can send your enquiry to info@rosauk.org. Please insert ‘W2W fund enquiry’ as your email subject and provide your organisation and contact name.