How to apply webinar – Now’s the Time (small grants)

Read the presentation below to find out more about the fund, including how to apply to the fund’s second programme, Now’s the Time (small grants).

Rosa Evaluation and Learning webinar

During this webinar, we will introduce you to an exciting new toolkit, designed to help you capture stories that show the difference your organisation makes to the lives of women and girls. The toolkit will also help you capture stories about how you might be influencing others through your work.

Woman to Woman – How to Apply (Round 3)

Please find below the slides for the How to Apply webinar that took place on 12th January 2018. Click below for tips on how to create the best application for the Woman to Woman fund.

Communications: Harnessing the power of storytelling

The first in our series of training webinars focuses on storytelling as a means of communications and how small organisations can utilise whatever resources they have to produce effective communication strategies.

Apologies for the technical difficulties in the first 15 minutes.

Woman to Woman – How to Apply

This webinar, which took place on 8th December, discusses the Woman to Woman fund, its aims and purposes and the application process. We also answer any queries or questions that attendees had.