The latest from Rosa

Making a difference to women and girls in the UK with grants worth £4 million

Since 2008, Rosa has made more than 300 grants worth £4 million to organisations run by, for and with women working across one or more of our pillars: Leadership & Representation, Safety, Health & Wellbeing and Economic Justice.

To date, our support has benefitted 68,822 women and girls across the UK and achieved the following:

  • 6,504 women and girls have benefitted from increased representation and leadership
  • 47,345 women and girls feel safer from violence and abuse
  • 10,676 women and girls have experienced greater health and wellbeing
  • 4,296 women and girls have improved their economic situation

Rosa helps to strengthen women’s organisations

“The support [from Rosa] has helped us look at finance, sustainability and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of our work as well as quantitative evidencing. This has meant we have a clearer idea of these as the cornerstones of a strategic longer-term approach and outlook on our work for the future.” Grantee

“We have met and networked with some fabulous and inspiring women’s organisations through the programme and have felt that Rosa has really supported us beyond just the financial support.” Grantee

Through Rosa’s support, women‘s organisations meet the needs of women and girls

“I feel listened to, trusted and believed. The organisation made me feel important and worthy…Talking and being understood made such a difference to me…I came to the organisation as a victim with secrets and shame and left feeling like a whole decent person who deserves happiness.” Direct beneficiary of a Rosa grant

“I am now considering doing a degree apprenticeship which I wouldn’t have said before. I know now that university is not the only pathway to achieve my dreams. I Ioved technology before,but the project has sparked so much more inspiration and encouraged me to progress with my path. It has reassured me that I am on the right path. is is definitely what I want to do. I can say it with confidence now – it’s cool to be a girl in tech!” Direct beneficiary of a Rosa grant

“I feel a sense of sisterhood with other disabled women from different generations and socio-cultural and economic backgrounds.” Direct beneficiary of a Rosa grant

Through Rosa’s support, women’s organisations influence wider change for women and girls

“[Support from Rosa] has enabled us to better engage with [the] Council on all our projects and campaigns. It has boosted the profile of gender and environmental issues in the local area and how these need to be addressed together.” Grantee

“We have been present on 3 new inter-agency forums as a result of the Rosa fund, which means that we are making small differences to local police and social services.” Grantee