Advice and Support


What we want to achieve

From consultation with the women’s sector and other specialists, we know that many people struggle to find the right help and support when they have been a victim of sexual harassment and abuse. Women are not receiving the legal or emotional support they need to take action. Existing protections are being inadequately applied, and support services are over-subscribed and under-resourced.

We know it can be particularly difficult if you need legal advice to ensure you can exercise your rights. In the Advice and Support programme the JEF will invest up to £1 million in total for work in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to increase access to support, signposting and expert legal advice for victims/survivors of sexual harassment and abuse.


The work we want to fund

We are interested in funding organisations or partnerships to provide some, or all, of the following:

  • Initiatives that increase the availability of specialist legal support around sexual harassment and abuse, such as training and accreditation programmes for legal professionals;
  • Legal or other advice which is specifically focused on sexual harassment and abuse, either through a help-line or face-to-face advice;
  • Initiatives that increase the skills and capacity of specialist organisations to respond to the needs of victims of sexual harassment and abuse.
  • Initiatives which increase specialist organisations’ capacity to support strategic litigation in the areas of sexual harassment and abuse.


We are particularly interested in work which reaches out to people who face additional barriers in accessing support and achieving their rights.


We also recognise that victims/survivors often need emotional and practical support and that there are many specialist organisations across the UK providing this support every day, against a backdrop of decreasing funds and increasing demand. Whilst the JEF has insufficient funding to meet all the needs in this area, we are happy to see applications from:


  • specialist organisations providing emotional support to victims/survivors of harassment and abuse across one or more of the four countries.


The sort of grants we want to make

We expect the grants we make in this programme will be:

  • for between £25,000 and £200,000 in total
  • over one to three years
  • mostly for revenue costs
  • for new work or an extension of existing work


We want to ensure that the JEF funds work in all four countries of the UK. If you apply for work in a single country, we will expect you to demonstrate that you can reach people right across that country. If you apply for work in two or more countries, we will expect you to demonstrate that you (or your partners) can really reach people across all the countries you identify.


Application process

The Advice and Support programme opens for applications on the 27th June 2018. If you are thinking about applying to this programme we strongly encourage you to have an initial conversation with us first: please email  with “JEF” in the subject line and a contact phone number in the email, and we will call you back.

Please ensure you read the application guidance and our tips to answering questions before applying.

We will ask you to fill out our on-line application form, explaining what you want to do and submit this, along with a project budget, your most recent accounts and some details about your organisation, by 30th July 2018.

We will announce which applications have been successful by early October 2018.