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Rosa is pleased to open the third round of our flagship grants programme, Voices from the Frontline. Voices from the Frontline supports women’s organisations to shine a light on their fight for gender equality in the UK. It resources advocacy, campaigning and activists with lived experience of injustice and inequality – giving voice especially to women facing intersecting disadvantages including race, class, sexuality, disability, poverty or migration status.

The programme offers grants of £500-£3,000 to support charitable campaigning work across Rosa’s four pillars (leadership and representation, safety, health and economic justice). Based on the evidence of inequality, and our analysis of what change could look like, we’re looking for new voices to stand up and take action.

Together we can make change happen faster.

The first two rounds of Voices from the Frontline have supported organisations and campaigns like Basis Sex Work who were awarded £2,000 to work with sex workers in Leeds, challenge stigmas the women face and help improve their wellbeing through the production of a booklet of poetry and art. And Women in Sport, who were granted £2,000 to use ‘Women’s Sport Week’ to launch a campaign about the visibility of sporting role models for women. This campaign reached over 10.5 million people and led to Women in Sport securing larger funding from Comic Relief.

To date, Voices from the Front Line has supported 44 grassroots and national women’s organisations across the UK. Tackling issues that have a wider impact on women beyond the direct recipients of grants. Take a look at some of the organisations supported through this programme in the video below.

  1. The programme aims to:
  • Support campaigning, advocacy and activists working across any one of Rosa’s four pillars
  • Amplify the voices of individual women at the Frontline of grassroots work in the UK
  • Support work which can, long-term, tackle the underlying causes of a problem women face.
  • Nurture talent. Activism driven by inspiring, committed leaders can achieve remarkable results


  1. What do we mean by advocacy and campaigning?

We want to support work that has an impact beyond the direct beneficiaries of an organisation, and is based on a clear understanding of how change happens. We envisage supporting a range of organisations, from those who are just beginning to make their voices heard, to those looking to catalyse change at a higher level. We hope to support projects which:

  • Stimulates debate and amplifies women’s voices
  • Raises awareness of one or more of Rosa’s four pillars*
  • Influences the public, policy makers, media and/or government
  • Changes behaviours, attitudes or policies

*Further information and resources can be found in Rosa’s ‘Four Pillars’ available on our website here.


  1. What sort of work will be supported?

The money can be used to pay for increasing the skills, capacity, credibility and effectiveness of women who wish to challenge gender inequality, promote awareness and change. Creative approaches are encouraged. Examples of work we will fund include:

  • Travel costs for a service user to speak at an event or national conference
  • Presentation, media or lobbying training to support organisational advocacy strategies.
  • Costs of creating campaign materials, such as posters, infographics or videos
  • Articulating the story of a woman to champion an organisation’s work
  • Making a case to local commissioners for the value of a service
  • Meeting costs with local/national government representatives or for planning a campaign


  1. How much can I apply for?

Grants of between £500-£3,000 are available.


  1. Who can apply?

If you meet all of the following requirements, you can apply for a grant:

  • Your organisation is non-profitable and run by, for and with women. You do not have to be a registered charity, but your activities must be charitable, legal and for the benefit of women. We will review your organisation’s constitution, website and management committee in light of this.
  • You have a written governing document, e.g. a constitution or set of rules
  • You have a governing body with at least 3 unrelated members
  • You have a UK-based bank or building society account in the name of your organisation
  • Your bank or building society account has at least 2 unrelated signatories
  • You have been active for at least one year and can produce annual accounts for a whole year.


How to apply

Voices from the Frontline re-opens for Round 3 applications on Wednesday 11 April. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 5pm and no applications will be accepted after this datePlease read the application guidance before you apply. If you have an enquiry that is not covered in our guidance materials you can send your enquiry to info@rosauk.org. Please insert ‘Voices from the Frontline programme enquiry’ as your email subject and provide your organisation and contact name.


Application Timetable

You should plan your application so that you will hear a decision in plenty of time before your work is due to start. We cannot fund work that takes place or costs that are incurred before you have been successful and received a grant.

Voice from the Frontline Round 3 opens Wednesday 11 April 2018
Application closing date 5pm Tuesday 29 May 2018
Successful applicants notified by Friday 6 July 2018