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Rosa funds 12 fantastic community organisations!

Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, is delighted to announce 12 new grant awards totalling £45,000 to organisations working to tackling FGM in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The FGM Small Grants Programme was made possible with funding from Comic Relief and has awarded £200,000 over three years to organisations working at grassroots level in communities across the UK.

Organisations receiving their grants had the opportunity to meet for the first time as a group at a training day in London, held in order to connect organisations and share approaches to tackling FGM. The day contributed to Rosa’s aim of a unified response to ending the practice by enabling the groups to discuss key issues pertaining to their work, including safeguarding children and confronting criticisms of the end FGM campaign.

Training photo

Samantha Rennie, Executive Director of Rosa, underlined the importance of small grants in providing support to grassroots level work with women and girls. Samantha said of the FGM Small Grants Programme:

“As a champion of the women’s sector, Rosa hears again and again how important small grants are. We are delighted to have invested over £200,000 in frontline organisations across the life of this programme and wish each of our worthy recipients the very best in delivering their excellent work.”

This was echoed by Jan MacLeod, the Manager at Women’s Support Project:

“Thanks to our Rosa grant, we have been able to bring together frontline practitioners to share information and good practice, and to allow opportunities for peer support across geographic areas and disciplines.”


A full list of our successful Round 5 applicants is below:

African and Caribbean Support Organisation Northern Ireland

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

Ashiana Sheffield

Good Effort for Health and Well Being 

Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation

Muslim Women’s Network UK

Oxford Against Cutting

Rape and Abuse Support Aberdeen


Southern Domestic Abuse Services

Women’s Health and Family Services

Women’s Support Project