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Rosa rings the bell for Int Women’s Day 2016


This International Women’s Day Rosa was honoured to have been chosen to perform the London Stock Exchange Market Open. Rosa rang the bell for gender equality across the UK, and was joined by a range of guests including Rosa ambassador and Channel 4 news presenter, Jon Snow who spoke on behalf of Rosa, saying:

“International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements  – and to remind us of what still needs tackling to reach full equality between women and men even here in the UK. Without the resources to do so, we can’t hope to bring about a safe, fair, just society for all our children. Rosa is the only UK-wide fund set up to support women and girls across the UK and as a Rosa Ambassador, and I’m proud to support their vital work.”

The ceremony took place at 8 am at London Stock Exchange Headquarters where an engraved glass tablet was given to Rosa to mark the occasion. Rosa was proud to have this opportunity to highlight our continuing support of women’s equality projects in the UK.

Check out the video here!