ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls


Rosa acts as a connector and broker across different sectors and organisations, to share knowledge, expertise and resources. We connect organisations to share learning from their work, we convene donors and women’s organisations to discuss emerging issues of concern and the action needed to tackle them, and we connect donors with the issues that matter.

For example:

  • With a grant from Rosa, three women’s groups (Imkaan, Object and EVAW) set up Rewind & Reframe, giving girls a platform to speak out against sexism and racism in music videos. They challenged role models and popular videos through social media, blogs, press articles and Government lobbying. The campaign drew celebrity interest and forced Miley Cyrus to proclaim she’s a feminist. Following pressure from Rewind & Reframe, the Prime Minister announced a pilot age rating classification for music videos in August 2014.
  • In 2014, Rosa partnered with Aviva’s Women’s Network to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the local communities in which Aviva operates and where the women’s network is particularly active. Rosa worked with Aviva to develop criteria for selecting projects and helped to seek out prospective applicants. The partnership resulted in £25,000 of grants being made to local groups in London, Norwich and York, and to one grantee being awarded subsequent funding from the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund.
  • With the Tackling FGM Special Initiative, Rosa grantees attend learning events to encourage good practice and share what works. Grantees travel costs are covered by the grants and the events build on-going links between organisations which they carry into their everyday work. This has resulted in more effective safeguarding practices being applied within organisations and in better partnerships to support future sustainability

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Our Mission

Rosa’s mission is to support women and girls to create a society in which they:

Have an equal voice
Are safe and free from fear and violence
Enjoy good health and wellbeing
Achieve economic justice