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ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls

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Hold a Raffle 

Women in Banking and Finance, a membership organisation supporting and promoting the leadership and development of women in the financial world gathered at The Dorchester in June to celebrate some of the outstanding women in the fields. A raffle was held which raised over £6,500 in unrestricted funds for Rosa’s work.

Janet Thomas, WIBF President said:

“Rosa was picked by Women in Banking and Finance members…as the charity they wished to support through our annual fundraising raffle. I was delighted as the work Rosa does in supporting initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK in the areas of equality and justice is important but often ignored work.One of the particular elements I value in Rosa’s work is how much it is about helping women to help themselves and providing women with a route to independence. It reflects what we do here at WIBF – reaching out and helping up.”

Nominated Partner of the Year and Sponsored events 

In March 2015 BAPS Charities, a global organisation supporting members of the Hindu community, launched a partnership with Rosa.  Because our four pillars aligned closely with BAPS’ four aims for a year of International Women’s Day celebrations, they identified Rosa as a long term partner. In April, BAPS Charities organised their Annual 10K Challenge in support of Rosa in several locations across the UK. Over 3,500 people took part and raised £10,000 towards Rosa’s new Grants Programme, Voices from the Frontline being launched in late autumn of 2015. BAPS will promote the grants programme to encourage local groups in locations where walks to place, to apply for a grant.

Hosting an event

In December 2014, Aviva hosted an event to launch Rosa’s Stepping Up report, as well as celebrate good practice in the corporate sector and highlight the need for further funding for women’s organisations . Rosa Ambassador, Sandi Toksvig spoke, and Aviva presented a grant of £7,500 to Beyond The Classroom, a charity working with young girls in Lambeth. PwC and Centrica have also offered venues for Rosa to host events. This can provide them with opportunities to invite and engage with clients, meet Rosa ambassadors and other inspiring people and learn more about steps grassroots organisations and non-government organisations are taking towards social justice and equality for women.

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Our Mission

Rosa’s mission is to support women and girls to create a society in which they:

Have an equal voice
Are safe and free from fear and violence
Enjoy good health and wellbeing
Achieve economic justice