ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls

Over International Women’s Day in March 2014, members of the Centrica Women’s Network bravely tackled a number of physically demanding challenges including cross country Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, building snow shelters and a night camping in a snowstorm in the Artic Relay Challenge. They raised over £40,000 in the process to support Rosa and women’s organisations working in the Thames Valley area. CWN members have been be involved in the grantmaking process and are offering their support to successful organisations via volunteering, networking and mentoring work, as well as the financial backing.


Rosa and Centrica’s women network have been working together to deliver Rosa

Centrica Women’s Network Fund for projects providing interventions to women

with low self-esteem and fewer aspirations living in marginalised communities in

the Thames Valley area (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) of the UK.


Three grants of over £10,000 have been made to projects that will benefit their users by:


  • empowering and enabling them to develop the confidence to shape their lives, 
  • helping them to identify and make the choices that will aid them in taking control of their lives.
  • increasing their leadership opportunities within a range of formal and informal settings, and supporting them in stepping into these opportunities.


Rachel Callaghan, a member of the Centrica Women’s Network and Arctic Challenge participant said:


“The members of the Centrica Women’s Network are all thrilled at the launch of

the Rosa Centrica Women’s Network Fund. It is very exciting to be able to help with Rosa’s unique work, with this fund specifically supporting women and girls in the Thames Valley Area. Working with Rosa means we can be confident the sponsorship money we raise will go where it will have the greatest impact, helping women and girls to improve their life chances.”


The three beneficiaries of Rosa Centrica Women’s Network fund are:


– Mapis Project CIC provides engagement courses, training opportunities, ccredited qualifications and practical mentoring to women at risk and disadvantaged young people who are economically inactive and socially excluded to raise their confidence and employability skill.


– The Startupnow for Women project was developed to help address the challenges faced by women upon release from prison, working with partners to offer holistic support with specialist advice and funding from Startup to set up a business or be better positioned to become employed. 


– Milton-Keynes based Works for Us is launching a new project to support disadvantaged and isolated women aged 45-55 to overcome their barriers to employment. Tailored to the particular needs of this age group, 48 women will receive help in building their confidence and self-esteem, identifying their skills and abilities, considering their employment options, and developing the practical tools and knowledge needed to re-enter employment.

Our Mission

Rosa’s mission is to support women and girls to create a society in which they:

Have an equal voice
Are safe and free from fear and violence
Enjoy good health and wellbeing
Achieve economic justice