Why Women

ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls

Why Women

  • In the UK today, women still earn almost 20% less than men (and the disparity is increasing)
  • 43% of women under 35 have been sexually harassed at some point on the streets of London
  • 87% of young women today say they’re judged more on their looks than on their abilities
  • Women are not only at much greater risk of poverty than men, but they’re also likely to experience more frequent and more prolonged spells in poverty

Addressing women’s inequality is not only an imperative for government, business and the wider economy, it’s a moral imperative. Gender equality leads to more cohesive communities, healthier societies and more prosperous democracies. While Rosa exists to support a strong, vibrant women’s sector, the struggle for gender equality is men’s struggle too.

Rosa’s report “Stepping Up – investing in women in post-recession UK‘ de-bunks ten myths about the status of women in the UK today and calls for greater investment in women and their organisations. We also know that the impact of doing so extends beyond the direct beneficiaries to their families, communities, businesses and wider society: a phenomenon globally recognised as the Gender Dividend.

Why Rosa?

Rosa is the first and still the only UK Fund for Women and Girls,

set up as a charitable fund to support women’s projects. We champion funding for women and girls, leverage funds to invest in change, and act as a connector and advocate. Rosa supports projects that lead to:

  • better representation of, and leadership by, women
  • women being safer and free from fear and violence,
  • improved health and wellbeing
  • economic justice for women

Since 2008, Rosa has built a track record of finding, funding and nurturing grass-roots projects and of connecting donors with the issues that matter. We’ve supported new ideas and spotlighted unpopular causes. See more examples of grants here.

All women and girls are safe and free from fear and violence.

Economic Justice
All women achieve economic justice and stability.

Health & Wellbeing
All women and girls enjoy good health and wellbeing.

Leadership & Representation
All women have a voice and an equal chance of success